General Editors: Thomas C. Crochunis and Michael Eberle-Sinatra  

This website supports the work of theatre historians, practitioners, and scholars of British literature and culture engaged in exploring how electronic editing, resources, and collaboration can enhance scholarship and teaching about this segment of dramaturgical history. We mount online texts of plays not widely available in print, publish working papers and responses on important issues, and provide research and teaching resources that support the working group that uses the site and any other teachers, students, or theatre artists who find the site useful.

We approach the site’s development guided by a few principles:

  • The “community” of people who use the site is open and flexible, and yet aims to reflect on the varied concerns that drive different participants’ work. Our experience tells us that, even though there might not be a listserv that is part of this project (yet), there is plenty of interaction that takes place through the use of the resources and communications that take place offline.
  • In many cases, it is better to publish a simply edited play to make it available soon rather than wait until a more complex edition is developed. (Fortunately, the Web keeps this from being an either/or proposition, since updating is always possible.)
  • The site’s topic is more a focus of concern, than a boundary; therefore, we are open to considering topics and texts that somehow might bear on investigation of the BWP1800 focus. Make us an offer...
  • Theatre practice is an important and underappreciated form of inquiry into dramaturgical history. And scholars could do a lot more to support the work of dramaturges, directors, actors, and designers.
  • Dramatic scripts, while just one kind of artifact important to theatre history, are some of the easiest to which we can provide access. Again, if you have an idea for mounting other kinds of resources relevant to the site’s concerns, let us know ...
  • For the site to continue to serve its purposes, we will pursue funding and resources as creatively as we can. If you would like to suggest ideas to us, we are listening.

With so few plays written by women in the Romantic era currently in print, electronic publishing has made it possible to kick start reconsideration of these works. And publication and production opportunities have followed from increased access.

We are always interested in hearing from users of the site, whether with corrections, suggestions, brilliant ideas, or just encouraging words. Please write to us with your ideas since the site’s continued value depends on your input.

Thomas C. Crochunis and Michael Eberle-Sinatra

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